FC Patriam is a football club in Patriam City. It's the oldest football club of Patriam, founded in 1887. It plays in the Patriam Arena in Faderon. Its coach is Ezekiel Beltran. The club is sponsored by Ford Motor Company.


FC Patriam is the oldest football club of Patriam. It was founded in 1887.


FC Patriam's main rivals are Georgeland United; their rivalry is called the Great Rivalry, and generally considered the most prominent rivalry in Patriam club football. Other rivalries of FC Patriam include Patriam City derbies (mainly Blue Star F.C. and Patriam City Warriors).


No. Country Position Player
1 Flag of the United States GK Ronald Harper
2 Flag of Patriam DF Jonathon York
3 Flag of Patriam DF Richard McLendon
7 Flag of Patriam MF Robert Villacorta
8 Flag of Patriam MF John Englert
10 Flag of Patriam FW Michael Young

Notable former playersEdit



Award Times Years
First League 1 1904
Patriam Cup 3 1906, 1907, 2013, 2014
Janon Cup 11 1906, 1907, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015


First LeagueEdit

Edition Result
1903-04 1st

Patriam CupEdit

Edition Result
1906 1st
1907 1st
2002 DNQ
2005 DNQ
2007 DNQ
2008 DNQ
2012 DNQ
2013 1st
2014 1st
2015 2nd

Janon CupEdit

Edition Result
1906 1st
1907 1st
2001 1st
2002 2nd
2003 1st
2004 1st
2005 2nd
2006 1st
2007 2nd
2008 2nd
2009 1st
2010 1st
2011 1st
2012 3rd
2013 1st
2014 1st
2015 1st

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