George City is one of the largest cities of Patriam and the capital of Georgeland. 60,089 people live in this city. It's named after George Raton. George City is located inland on the George River, in central Georgeland; the settlement Greenwich, located just to the east of the city, functions as its port.


The first people in George City were there in October 1780, with the expedition of George Raton. The city was then a grassy plain and there were no buildings. Two years later, in 1782, the city was founded. The first mayor of the city was George Raton, the man who explored it. The first buildings in the city were some shops, some houses and a town hall. In the beginning there lived about 10 people, but the city grows with people who didn't liked Dennistown (now Patriam City).

In 1799, many people came to George City, because Stanley Dennis murdered many people in Dennistown. Dennis was directly arrested, but most people don't trust the city Dennistown anymore, so they came to George City. The population grew to about 300 people.


Green Hills Industrial Park
West City Downtown
Newlands Chinatown



The Major League football clubs George City Wolves and Georgeland United are located in this city.

George City Crunchers is one of the most succesful Patriam American football teams.