Greenville City is a football club, located in Greenville. Founded in 1900, it is one of Patriam's oldest football clubs, and participated in the inaugural First League in 1903.


No. Country Position Player
1 Flag of Patriam GK Jerry Case
2 Flag of Patriam DF Milton Rouse
3 Flag of Patriam DF Matthew Chao
4 Flag of Patriam DF James Anthony
5 Flag of Patriam DF Alvin Dyson
6 Flag of Canada MF John Wolf
7 Flag of Patriam MF Gary Turner
8 Flag of Patriam MF Mark Norton
9 Flag of Patriam MF Raymond Knight
10 Flag of England FW Joseph Evans
11 Flag of Patriam FW Brian Harris
12 Flagofkemburg GK Max Sykes
13 Flag of Patriam DF Terry Smith
14 Flag of Patriam DF Edwin Huang
15 SouthernArcIslandFlag DF Morris Swigert

Notable former playersEdit

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