Flag of Patriam

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Name Patriam
Full name Kingdom of Patriam
Capital Patriam City
Official language(s) English
Population 1,267,242
Demonym Patriam
King Queen Olivia I
President Steven Rogers
More information
National anthem Patriam Song
Currency American Dollar ($)
Time zone UTC−9:00 (UTC−8:00 DST)
Internet TLD .pi
ISO 3166-1 PI
Telephone code +1
Blank map of Patriam

Location of Patriam in North America

Location of Patriam in North America

The Kingdom of Patriam is a country in North America, near the United States. The area is about 9,000 sq km.


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Prior to European colonisation, Patriam was inhabited by several native peoples. Patriam was discovered by the British and was incorporated as part of the British Empire in 1780. Patriam gained independence in 1867.


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The name is Latin for 'New Land'.



Map of Patriam states

States of Patriam

Map of Patriam states by population

Map of Patriam states by population

Patriam has 15 states:

State Capital Population
Annrock Anncity 42,329
Badania Meenton 80,254
Blueford Blueford 45,230
Candery New Portland 49,086
Enderong Efertown 74,948
Fadorano Padton 73,078
Fanton Andover 96,542
Flank Flank-town 116,206
Georgeland George City 108,588
Janon Patriam City 323,817
Newcoast Port Tuvalu 67,592
Otan Otan City 56,326
The Rising Sun Islands Danver 96,297
Ukany Greenville 70,249
Wanadan New Victoria 63,242
15 15 1,267,242


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The currency of Patriam is the American Dollar.


See the main article: Politics in Patriam

Patriam is a monarchy with a parliament (the Patriam Congress). The current monarch is Queen Olivia I. The current president is Steven Rogers.


There are a lot of highways in Patriam, the most important are Highway 1 and Highway 2.



There are a lot of sports played in Patriam. The most popular are Basketball, Baseball and Football.


The most Patriam songs are western-pop-songs.

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