Patriam City is the capital of Patriam. It is in the state of Janon of which it is also the capital, and its population is 212,459.


In 1780, the city was founded as Dennistown, named after the man who found Patriam, Stanley Dennis.

In 1799, the city was renamed to New Land-city, by George Raton, because Stanley Dennis murderd many original citizens of Patriam.

In 1867, the city was renamed again, to Patriam City, because Patriam gained independence and changed their name from 'New Land' to 'Patriam'.


Northcity North Pacific Ocean
Lucastown Felixon Idalia
Anders Gardens Centre Patriam Harbor
Mini Dauham Lemton Oregon Beach
Chinatown TBA TBA
Patriam City International Airport Faderon




Patriam City has two football clubs, playing in the Major League: FC Patriam and Blue Star F.C.. It also has two football clubs playing in the Premier League: Patriam City Warriors and FC Northcity, and two in the First League: Chinatown Patriam FC and Oregon Beach FC. There are also other various football clubs, playing on amateur-level.

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