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Welcome to the Patriam Wikia!Edit

This wiki is about the fictional country Patriam.

New in Patriam?Edit

Welcome in Patriam! Nice to meet you and welcome in our small, but nice country. What do you want to do here?

I wanna be a normal citizen!

Nice! Buy a house and search work. You can ask Niels20020 for a job and/or a good location for a house.

I wanna be a politician!

Nice! If you wanna be a mayor you can choose a city and join the next election. If you wanna go in the Patriam Congress you also can join the next election. If you even wanna become President you probably have to wait a long time because there are 8 political parties in Patriam and every party selects just one candidate.

I wanna be a businessman/woman!

Nice! If you wanna start a company in Patriam, you can just created a page for it. You can also buy stocks on the Patriam City Stock Exchange.

I wanna start a newspaper!

Nice! If you wanna start a newspaper in Patriam, you can just created a page for it. If you also really wanna write the newspaper you can create pages with 'NEWSPAPERNAME/Editions/DATE'.

I wanna be a footballer!

Nice! Football is very popular in Patriam, so we could really use you. Look for a football club with space in the squad and write the name of your character in it.

I wanna be a ambassador!

Nice! If you wanna be a ambassador for Patriam in a other country, you can ask Niels20020 for a country were whe don't have a ambassador yet. If you wanna be a ambassador for a other country in Patriam, you can just add that on the page of the Ministry for foreign relations.

I wanna do something other!

That's okay, you can do what you want! If you need help you can ask Niels20020.

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Featured articleEdit

Greenville is the capital of Ukany. With a population of 44,317, it is the fourth largest city of Patriam, after Patriam City, George City and Flank-town, and just larger than Danver. The mayor of the city is Naomi Johnston.

The city was founded in 1807 by the half-French man Frank Rochefort.

Featured mediaEdit

Greencoat logo

Logo of the farming company Greencoat


The latest news of Patriam newspapers:

  • October 19, 2015 - Patriam becomes member of the WNFA